Coleman Sundome 4 Tent Review

Coleman Sundome 4 TentThe Coleman Sundome 4 tent is a four-person shelter probably more suited to car camping than backpacking. A generous 9’ x 7’ interior gives campers 63 square feet of space. The dome-style roof allows 59 inches of height, giving an excellent amount of headroom even for tall people. With its 10 pound weight and somewhat bulky dimensions when packed, serious trekkers might find the spaciousness does not compensate for the added weight. The Sundome makes an excellent base-camp shelter, but may prove to be a hindrance for backpackers who like to travel light.

This tent is composed of polyethylene taffeta with a polyester rain fly. The rain fly attaches to the tent poles with clips but does not extend all the way to the ground. While this could be a concern when experiencing sideways rain, the tent does have a bathtub floor for maximum protection from standing water. The partial rain fly allows for excellent visibility, as the mesh windows will remain uncovered even with the rain fly in place. In the event of inclement weather, the windows can be fully zippered closed to repel water. Bright yellow guy lines attached to the rain fly keep accidental tripping to a minimum.

The dual poles are made from shock-corded fiberglass and attach to the tent via pole sleeves. Setup is simple and instructions are sewn into the included tent carry bag.

The Coleman Sundome 4 tent has a single D-shaped door on the front of the tent. There is no vestibule in this model, but it does come with a kind of matching “welcome mat” in front of the door for muddy boots. There is a gear pocket inside the tent for holding small items.

Coleman Sundome 4 InteriorColeman designed a tiny zippered flap at the back of the tent as a way for those inside to reach out and take a drink from a nearby cooler, if they prefer not to leave the tent. Depending on the kind of camper, this could either be viewed a stunning innovation or merely a cute gimmick. One other special touch by Coleman is a small flap on the front of the tent that allows a power cord to run through without opening the main screen door. This might be a real convenience for campers who bring along a laptop or other electrical device when camping.

Overall, we gave the Coleman Sundome 4 tent four out of five stars. This tent is thoughtfully designed and like most Coleman tents, it is priced to appeal to a wide variety of campers. It is not a tent meant for four-season hikes at high altitude, but rather, is an affordable, spacious shelter with some really innovative perks. A good choice for casual campers who like to set up camp for long periods of time or enjoy frequenting campgrounds.


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